Today our client came in to have her color redone, to get a good trim and add a little shape to her hair.  We applied her color and infused moisture into her hair with our unique aquatic mister machine. 
 Once her color was processed we completed her shampoo and condition and proceeded to blow dry her hair. 

The blow dry allowed us to get a good look at her split ends and give her a nice cut that would look nice whether she chooses to wear her hair curly or straight.

Today she chose to wear it curly, but it's a bit too late for a "Wash-and-Go".  We opted for a "Blow-and-Go". 

One reason why this technique is so cool is because of its reduced shrinkage.  You can take advantage of your curly natural hair being stretched out which makes it look longer, but have a "Wash-and-Go" look by using the product to revert and define the ends of your hair.

To achieve this we used a combination of Influance's Growth Creme and Curl Defining Cream.  The Growth Creme added instant moisture which allowed her curls to begin to revert. We controlled the curls with the Curl Defining Creme by layering it on top and finger styling to perfection.