Chemotherapy & Hair Loss

Chemotherapy & Hair Loss

If you or someone you know is preparing for chemotherapy, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with She Never Tells. We would love to help find the right cranial prosthetic for you.

We have years of experience helping women cope with one of the most difficult side effects of cancer treatment—hair loss. We have prepared this guide to help answer your questions.

Why Does Chemotherapy Cause Hair Loss?

Certain chemotherapy drugs target cancer cells that grow very quickly. Since your hair is made of the fastest growing cells in your body, the drugs mistake them for cancer cells and destroy them as well. Hair usually grows back over time after ceasing treatment.  Sometimes the hair texture or color may change.

Does Everyone Lose Their Hair With Chemo?

The type of drug, the dosage, and your individual reaction to the treatment all play a role in whether or not you will lose your hair as a side effect to your specific treatment. Your doctor or nurse can tell you whether you should expect hair loss. 

When Should I Shop for a Wig?

You should shop for a wig before you begin treatment if possible.  If you still have hair, we can evaluate your hair for it's style, length, texture and color in order to match you with a prosthetic that is similar to your everyday look. We want you to feel most like yourself during this process.  If you have already started treatment we can still help you.

How do I prepare for my consultation?

Start by making an appointment for hair replacement. You will receive one-on-one time with our Hair Loss Specialist who will conduct an evaluation in order to match you with the best solution. Come wearing your hair as you normally would. Bring photos of you with hair or inspiration photos of the look you desire.  If you've lost your hair, bringing a lock can help us match the color.  We can cut a sample if need be during your consultation.

Will my insurance pay for my unit?

Many medical insurance plans offer some level of coverage for medical prosthesis for hair loss due to medical reasons.  You may want to evaluate your plan to learn about your options.  She Never Tells does not directly bill your insurance company, but we do give you a receipt that you can turn in for reimbursement.

When & How Does Hair Loss Occur?

This journey is unique to each individual.  Some people will begin to lose hair just a couple of weeks after the first treatment. Hair will begin to shed slowly but accelerate until the hair is gone. Many also lose hair on other parts of their body.  

What is Our Return/Refund Policy on Wigs?

Because of the unique circumstances and requirements of each individual and for hygienic reasons, we do not offer returns or refunds on hair, wigs, toppers, hair replacement systems, or cranial prosthetics.