Celebrating She Never Tells’ 10th Anniversary

Celebrating She Never Tells’ 10th Anniversary

I am sitting and reflecting today. She Never Tells started as a hobby and now it is a 10 year old business. I went from my living room to a space in the highest end mall in the state of Indiana. I work across the hall from Nordstrom. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Who would have thought?

I have been a self employed entrepreneur for 10 years. This was not the life I planned for but it has been wonderful. Everyday I wake up and call the shots. I’ve learned about product development, importing and exporting, logistics, I’ve invented several things and techniques. I have at least 2-3 inventions that I need to patent.

I have done well and I have struggles. But aside from the material things I have been able to help women in need, make life long connections and friendships and cultivate relationships among others. Build others up, lend a listening ear, a hug, a tissue and moral support. And I have received the same from my guests if not more. Entrepreneurship is a calling. I’m glad to be one. Thank you Lord for your grace and thank you to all my friends, family, and clients who have believed in me and supported me over this past decade! Thank you Aunt Deborah Anderson for your inspiration! #shenevertells #10yearanniversary

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