Wedding Hair Styling

Wedding Season 2019

Wedding Season 2019 is swiftly approaching. We are already booking spring and summer weddings. If you are interested in wedding services, please schedule a consultation. The album above features:

  • A sew-in on a bride. She is wearing a partial sew in with some of her natural hairline left out.
  • Our bridesmaid had begun to loc her hair in the months leading up to the wedding. A custom wig was the perfect solution. She was able to plait her locs down under the wig. And coupled with a lace closure, the hair appears as if it is coming from her scalp!
  • Another bride had an awe inspiring custom dress made. It was couture so we coupled it with a detailed updo to not take away from her gown.
  • Previously the same young woman was a bridesmaid for another wedding and wore a sew in for her role in that event.