Our client is a young man in his 20's who began to see his hair thinning.  Instead of slowly watching his hair fade away, he decided to take action. Some people think that hair replacement is reserved for older men and women. That is simply not the case.  If you are not happy with your look, you have the power to change it.

We matched him with an awesome hairpiece that looks just like his own flesh. Non Surgical Hair Replacement is a process in which we apply a hair system like a prosthetic to a client’s scalp. The type of hair piece is carefully selected by our Hair Loss Specialist Brittiny Clinton. Once the unit is applied, it is cut to blend with the client’s existing hair to create a look much like the person had prior to experiencing hair loss. 

Who is a good candidate for Non Surgical Hair Replacement? 

People who are experiencing:

  • male or female pattern baldness
  • hair loss due to cancer or other illnesses 
  • those that suffer from trichotillomania
  • and more

Non Surgical Hair Replacement is a method that provides some of the most natural looking results and ease of lifestyle. 

Hair pieces can be worn for weeks with the right adhesive. You can swim and shower, and workout.