How to Shampoo your Lace Front Sew-In Weave

How to Shampoo your Lace Closure or Lace Frontal Sew In Weave



First Dissolve Adhesive:
Use a solvent to dissolve the adhesive holding your lace closure or lace frontal down.  You will want to use a product like C-22, H2Go, or 99% alcohol. Take a lent-free cloth or cotton ball to dissolve the adhesive if necessary. This could take a few minutes but it's very important not to do damage to your hairline or the lace. 

Next Shampoo Thoroughly:
Gently shampoo along the hairline with your fingertips in small circular motions as if you are washing your face. Be sure to work up all of the glue. Take a lent-free cloth and gently rub away the glue residue from the back of the lace. Continue on and work your fingers and massage close to the scalp.Then massage the length of the hair in a downward squeezing motion. Rinse and repeat.

Once your hair is clean use a light conditioner. Apply to the mid-shaft of your weave and then work up to the base. You want to use enough product to condition the hair, but keep it thin enough to be able to rinse through the base of the sew-in onto your braids, and so that it all rinses out.

Gently brush your weave with a wet brush or paddle brush and rinse. If your hair is very heavy after your shampoo you may not have rinsed all the conditioner out.

Apply Leave In Conditioner:
Now that you have conditioned and rinsed clean, squeeze as much water out of your sew in as you can with a towel. Do not scrub...squeeze.  Spray a liquid leave-in conditioner and gently brush. 

Prep for Adhesive:
Next you can use a blow dryer on low to dry the back of the closure or frontal. Use alcohol or dehydrant to prep the skin.  Apply your adhesive in thin layers.  Gently lay the closure or frontal along your glue line. Press down with the teeth of a comb.  Try to avoid using your fingers. You don't want to smash unwanted hair into your glue. You can also use tape instead of glue or a combination of the two.

Dry Remainder of Hair:
With medium heat, blow dry the length of the hair and sit under a hooded dryer to dry your braids underneath. If you are wearing wavy or curly hair apply the appropriate setting product such as foam or curl defining cream to define and set the texture of the hair.  Then sit under a hooded dryer.

Use a flat iron or curling iron to style. Be use to use a heat protectant. Do not turn the heat up too high in order to prolong your sew-in.