Decca Plus Ph Hair Care System

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42.00 Ounces

Our most popular Ph Balancing Hair Care System!  Five products for $55.00!

  • Scalp Therapy: Scientifically formulated to cleanse the hair shaft and scalp.  Helps to control thinning, dandruff, eczema and psoriasis by unclogging the hair follicle to reduce hairloss.

  • Satin Shampoo: Ph balanced, designed to work with Scalp Therapy to throughly cleanse the hair to allow penetration of essential oils to the hair shaft.  Leaves hair squeaky clean!

  • Instant Conditioner: This Instant Conditioner can be rinsed out or left in.  It penetrates and moisturizes dry brittle hair and adds volume to fine hair.

  • Satin Tame: Ph balanced moisturizing spray helps to stop breakage by adding strength and elasticity to the hair.  Also provides heat protection and is a great detangling agent. Added bonus: Satin Tame is a great product for hair and scalp when wearing weaves and wigs. Provides moisture without weighing hair down.

  • Satin Pomade: Our pomade contains over ten essential oils to penetrate the hair and scalp.  Promotes healthy hair growth, great for natural and relaxed hair, and is a wonderful pressing oil.